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1). Capacity
There are generally two measurements for water filters that use capacity. Capacity can be used as a measure to determine how much water the filter can actually treat before it needs filter replacements.

On the other hand, capacity is also a measure of the storage tank if the water treatment system is built with a storage tank. This goes hand-in-hand with the flow rate. This measurement is normally in gallons per minute. It should be noted that for Brass cartridge Manufacturerscounter-top or under-sink applications, flow rate isnt that important as waiting a few seconds longer to fill a glass of water wont be much of an issue. However, flow-rate is very important for Whole House systems, you wont want to be stuck in the shower with no water.

It should be noted that capacity and flow rates are Brass faucetdirectly related to how expensive the system will be.

2). Costs
When choosing to buy a water filter, you must also consider the maintenance and running costs of the filter. Generally the more complex and higher capacity systems will cost more to maintain and also more to run. Depending on the amount of water treated,Angle valve Manufacturers water filter systems will need their filters replaced or treated every so often.

Additionally, some complex filters like Reverse Osmosis water filters will only produce 1 gallon of water for every 4 gallons of water supplied which will mean an increase in your water bills too. Further to this, ultra-violet light systems will also require a power source which will also affect your electricity bills.

In conclusion, I hope I have shed some light on buying water filters. The list of points in this article are by no means exhaustive but should serve as a rough guide in the selection process.

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