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In 2003, Dwell magazine sponsored a Cheap Mobile Homes invitational to build an affordable home. The winner, Resolution: 4 Architecture, won with a budget of $200,000 but their project eventually ran $50,000 more, forcing a smaller footprint to stay within budget.

In addition to this historical perspective, the MoMA exhibit includes 5 full size homes demonstrating how new materials and applications can create diverse styles and structures.

There is a micro-compact home of just 76 square feet, a 5 story townhouse wrapped in cellophane, a "shotgun house" intended for disaster relief areas, one built from 570 square foot components that let the home grow as the owner's family grows and a computer designed house built of plywood and steel that lets the architect and owner choose their design simultaneously.

The current cost of a prefab home is $175 to $250 a square foot, which is not keeping them cheap, since standard building buildings can run $100 to $130 a square foot (a lot depends on what you put inside). Rocio Romero from Perryville, MO, sells a flat-packed cube-like house kit for between $23,650 and $45,255. Most of us have seen the log-cabin kits when we've navigated up and down I-5.


As mentioned above, prefabricated houses are flexible whether it's a one-bedroom house or a luxury dwelling with all the trimmings. They can be designed to conform to more traditional architecture, contemporary or futuristic. No longer are they the dull, gray, cold-looking structures we thought they were.

What can be estimated rather definitively is the cost difference between prefab and stick-built structures. Modular homes are up to (and sometimes over) 20 percent cheaper. Cheap Mobile Homes - http://www.dreamhouseowner.com/

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