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Environment sustainability is extremely important. College students should especially know its importance as they are technically the ones who have the responsibility of shaping the future.


There are plenty of different ways in which college students can live in a sustainable way. One of these is, to use a bicycle to travel around rather than traveling in engine powered vehicles. This can improve the environmental conditions on campus, even if it has a little impact. Moreover, one should avoid the use of plastic bags on campus as much as possible. Again, the overall impact might be low but one has to start somewhere isn’t it? College environment club in all colleges us usually seen conducting such awareness drives throughout the year. As far as financial sustenance is concerned, students should avoid unnecessary spending of their money. They should hire a writing dissertation service for their college dissertations only in cases of urgent need, and should eat just enough to live a healthy life. Overeating, and spending way too much on food resulting in food wastage later on should also be avoided at all costs.


There are the most obvious and easiest of all ways through which students can kick-start a sustainable lifestyle. Starting from the bottom, they can take things higher and lead sustainability awareness campaigns with time.

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By Stan Schull
Added Sep 3


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