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What is a wifi router?

The advent of the Internet has made it necessary to use routers. There are several types. But today, the wifi router seems to be on the rise, and stands out a bit of other types of routers. This article introduces this device, and explains how to choose one that gives you good service.Enterprise routeris a basic product for any business/enterprise.

To understand it, one must first know what a router is. In simple computer language, a router is a device or machine that has several network cards, each connected to a different network. This device is a kind of bridge or path that datagrams use to reach their destination. The router therefore makes it possible to transmit packets within the same computer network. This transmission can be done directly or not, through a wired or wireless router . This is called a WiFi router, that is to say a router that uses wireless technology Fidelity to transmit information.


How does a router of this type work?

Basically, the wireless router connects via a modem to a computer or a network, but it does not use cables to transmit or receive Internet data packets. On the contrary, it distributes them using one or more antennas. Routers convert data packets into radio signals and transmit them to another computer, which then converts them into binary codes. The wireless router then establishes a wireless local area network (WLAN) known as the usual Wi-Fi connection. The latter can be paid or free. In Ethernet networks, routers operate at layer 3 (or third network layer) of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model, a universal computer-to-computer communication model that is integrated with most computer systems. packet transmission is optimal.

Who needs a wifi router?

Just about everyone does. You should know that wifi technology can vary from very simple to very complex. Since you do not want to clutter a cumbersome and cumbersome router, the wifi router is for you. But there are several types:

  • WiFi routers for individuals : they are probably the least expensive, and can allow you to share an optimal internet connection between the different members of the family. Some allow to connect 2; 3 or 4 devices simultaneously for a small family.
  • WiFi-oriented routers share : Small businesses use this type of routers with many features and easy to share data. These routers allow for example to use printers while surfing the internet.
  • Routers for large companies : companies (computer or not), academic institutions and large municipalities who want to democratize the Internet opt ​​for more advanced WiFi routers. These are sometimes compatible with the IPv6 protocol, and are more or less protected.

Moreover, both institutions and businesses and families can choose a wifi router to share their Internet connection more effectively.

WiFi routers: how to configure them?

The configuration of a wifi router is not very complex ... when we know it. The best thing to do is usually to ask a professional company (or the one that offered you the router) to install it itself, and to give you the basic knowledge to make good use of it.

How to choose your wifi router?

This is a question that deserves attention. Indeed, the choice of a router must take into account your own situation (single person, small business, institution, large company), but also the characteristics of the most efficient wifi routers. Here are summaries of the main criteria that should guide your choice of a better router.

The obsolescence of the wifi router

The average lifetime of a router is two years. If you have one since then, you must change it, and opt for a model with a similar lifespan.

About Network engineer


The Network and Telecommunications Engineer is a professional with a solid technical background and a set of skills that make him a competent professional. In his studies he acquires the necessary knowledge for the design of networks and integrated systems of telecommunications and telematics. Will be trained for the supervision of communication systems, in which computer networks intervene turning them into indispensable elements of the productive chain. It will have skills for the elaboration of data networks in financial, service or industrial entities in which the exchange of information or the automatic control of processes is necessary. You can perform professionally in any business sector, from banking, oil industry, the agro-industrial sector or services,


Network Engineer is a  backbone of the IT infrastructure of companies. The engineer in networks and telecommunications can provide their services, managing, managing and implementing telecommunications infrastructure in telecommunications service companies. You can also implement network projects in commercial, industrial, oil and other companies. It supports communication technologies and manages equipment and solutions of recognized brands.

Advantages of part-time work

If we stick to the advantages that a part-time job can bring , the most interesting and common ones would be the following:


Flexible schedule

As it is a reduced working day , there is more free time and the possibility of playing with the schedule since the workload will not be very high. This time flexibility is ideal for those people who want to combine studies with work, since they will have time for such studies.


Combine it with other activities

In general, Contingent Employmentjobs are ideal for students or those who have family with children at home , since not being of many hours can combine employment with studies and home care. By not having the obligation to carry out extra hours you have the certainty that the work schedule will be perfectly fulfilled.


Less stressful jobs

Part-time jobs are less stressful than if the workday were longer , so you probably do not have to take work home. For this reason, they are usually jobs that fit perfectly with other activities both inside and outside the home.


Get experience

A part-time job is not , unfortunately, ideal for seeking an important economic support , but rather as a kind of springboard to gain experience and achieve better work. The majority of the workers have passed through their working life through numerous contracts of this type until they can reach an indefinite one.



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