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participation). Data show that as of July 2010, China has become the largest FSC chain of custody certification certificate of the Asian countries, issuing more than 1,300 certificates. At present, the Chinese government is working to develop its own national forest certification system, which also encourages Chinese forestry processing

enterprises to actively put environmental issues into commercial activities. But Fu Jianquan that forest certification is only a way to solve the legitimacy of timber, not all. In fact, many Chinese forestry companies are reluctant to pay higher certification costs. How to prove the legitimacy, but also can be discussed in accordance with national

conditions. In order to solve the problem of legitimacy, Su Ming to the enterprise support recipe: First, Chinese enterprises can ask the importer to prove that China's forestry has been implemented 'logging, transport, processing permits', can prove the legitimacy. Second, try to reduce the type of wood used for production. Third, in

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'Cottage spirit' or 'technical cloning'? China's manufacturing industry has always been a cottage tradition, than the move is not the cottage spirit of the recovery? The author of the product cost of profit to visit a floor for many years in the production and processing industry. In the details of the product parameters and materials, the person said:

'so close to the product, should not be a cottage because the cottage is the most basic and most important principle is to use low cost for low prices, that is, by reducing costs ( Raw materials and promotional channels, etc.) to reduce the price of the product.In the multi-layer solid wood flooring industry, product raw materials is the most

important factor affecting the price of the product, the technical cost is not high, in the case of the same material, it is difficult to obtain low Cost, so the low price also can not speak.I see the cost of products than Ka is not low, certainly will be lost. So the sale should be another purpose. 'Another industry senior marketing experts from the

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to spend more effort and money to find Raw materials. It is reported that many mahogany furniture manufacturers need 1/3 or even more than 1/2 of the time to find raw materials, and the need for more than 300% of the original capital reserve raw materials. Insiders said that if this situation continues to further develop, will further

accelerate the industry shuffle, a group of small and medium-sized mahogany furniture manufacturers will soon collapse. Good mahogany raw materials hard to find, has become a lot of mahogany furniture veterans are the most troublesome thing, had to find a way to find the material, and even had to think of the previous sale of mahogany

furniture to recover the high price, re-production. Recently, the red sandalwood, a business in Beijing mahogany first floor large-scale 'premium buy mahogany furniture,' publicly said to buy back a year ago sold rosewood, pear, red sticks of old material furniture, more than 1 year, According to the current price of 150% repurchase; 2

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pattern, in the back of the door to see the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding is a solid wood cabinet door. In addition to see the scar is a good way to identify solid wood: optimistic about the location of a scar on the side, and then find the other side of the corresponding pattern. Second, to determine the tree species This is a

direct impact on price and quality factors. Ordinary solid wood furniture is usually made of beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak, and expensive mahogany furniture mainly rosewood, chicken wing wood, rosewood. Now the price of wood is rising, too cheap is absolutely fraudulent. Third, looking for defective

furniture, the main force parts such as columns, connecting the column between the load bearing bar near the ground, there should be no large knots or cracks. Solid structure, the framework shall not be loose, do not allow broken tenon, broken material. Fourth, the strength of the test board strength can be used to press the finger to

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The 5 requirements of interior decoration decorative wood-based panels and their products in formaldehyde emission should meet the requirements of Table 1. Table 1 Test method and limit value of formaldehyde emission in wood-based panel and its products Product name.

Test method Limited value Use range Limited mark Medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard, particleboard, oriented particleboard and other perforation extraction method �� 9mg / 100g can be used directly Indoor E1 �� 30mg / 100g must be treated after finishing can be used for indoor E2 plywood,

decorative veneer veneer plywood, blockboard and other dryer method �� 1.5mg / L can be used directly for indoor E1 �� 5.0mg / L must (Including impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, impregnated film paper facing wood-based panels, etc.

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Said the Internet + can create competitiveness for the floor, win the consultants chief partner Deng Chaoming that its reasons in the following areas: First of all,[url=]professional deck builder[/url] is still thinking, before we will emphasize that customers are God, the quality of the first Many concepts, but a lot of things are still floating on the surface, and did not do solid, although the publicity in the customer carried a very high, but the actual implementation of the customer return is very made outdoor stair products After the advent of Internet thinking, you have not found that a lot of things have changed. It re-emphasizes the customer, the quality of these very basic requirements, and did not give up, but also

added more requirements, such as user thinking, iterative thinking, extreme thinking, free thinking, etc., you can think of them as a theory, But thin pondering,[url=]cheapest diy outside railing[/url] or will feel some of the impact. Take the return in terms of experience, have experienced the experience will be difficult, but the era of electricity, Internet thinking era, 7 days no reason to return, directly kill all. First, do not say the convenience of electricity to return, to see the return in the store,prefabricated outdoor wooden stairs is also very convenient. This is the real customer thinking, and the Internet company first done better. You can say there are IKEA, Auchan, sea fishing these companies do service is cattle, the customer

thinking is very solid, but in the past,pvc wood outdoor floor mauritius this is the case in the floor in this industry, the real customer thinking, basically the last two or three Years have more reliable changes. Competition is too intense, always have to find new ways. Every kind of Internet thinking, you seriously to scratch, and then combined with their own business situation, there will be a different harvest. But sometimes, we are in the implementation of up,[url=]concrete fence post sleeves[/url] always encounter a lot of problems, only full of patience Caixing. Internet + floor, the most essential or strategy, tools and methods, the Internet in the development of the flooring industry, flooring business chain, in the end can

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You do not think every day scrub a lot of trouble? Second, the Nordic furniture, Simple and elegant design, simple and clear color, elegant and refreshing wood, which is the Nordic Scandinavian style. Nordic furniture has been hot for two years, this brighter,

more simple, more Country-of-the-art furniture is, of course, more suitable for a relatively small layout of Chinese homes, and even if it is not for simplicity, you should also look at it. The most fashionable home design concept is simple.Lost embodied in the architectural function of the space.

to simplify the separation of the space, the decoration on the simple decoration. Do not think about your house to add a Roman column or gypsum line, the most 4, the solid wood flooring de-listed, so that the floor to strengthen the wood you still use solid wood flooring?

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Multi-layer solid wood flooring maintenance relative to the solid wood floor is much simpler, in the daily use and maintenance should pay attention to the following: keep the floor dry, clean, not allowed to reinforced composite plastic floor joists drag the mop with a mop or With alkaline water, soap and water to avoid damage to the surface of the paint luster; if the air dry, mop can be wet or put a pot of water on the heating or humidifier humidifier.

Try to avoid sun exposure, so as to avoid long-term surface paint in the ultraviolet radiation in advance of aging, cracking. Local board accidentally contaminated protecting plywood for outdoor use stains should be promptly removed, if the oil, wipes can be dipped in warm water, a small amount of detergent scrub, if the drug or paint, must not penetrate the wood surface before the stains to be removed.

The floor as far as possible to avoid contact with the water for a long time, in particular, can not contact with hot water, so once the hot water spread on the floor, to dry in time. It is best to play every peel and stick teak three months of wax, waxing the floor before the stains to clean up the surface.

In fact, can not play, but often waxing, can maintain the floor finish, extend the life of the floor. Avoid sharp objects scratched the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on the floor or put things too whats more durable for a deck paint or stain hot directly, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.

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with 6 months and 7 months of sales. Societe Generale market tenants believe that due to the downstream enterprises to complete the order and some enterprises need to add inventory, wood-based panel performance will enter the second half of the sales season, indicating that the second half of the wood market recovery process than

expected. Today will be for everyone to evaluate the life of a hand-made hand-grip pattern floor - Cabri Dadi multi-storey parquet. As we all know, as long as the ordinary floor equipment, you can achieve water operations. But the antique floor is different, the key processes are carried out manually, such as the floor effect of the board, color,

etc., only very professional talent can do, the daily production capacity is limited. Just as hand-sewn clothes, hand-made watches, handmade flooring prices will be more expensive than ordinary, but also the truth. Products: Evaluation time September 14, 2010 Evaluation Location Mawangdui Ceramics Dongpeng Ceramics on the second

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Composite floor, excellent and reasonable floor with a wear and tear, anti-Alice, to prevent mold, no grinding, easy construction, etc., to become the new darling of the market. Currently on the market composite decking installation prices complex variety of flooring, good and bad, the purchase should be identified from the five aspects: see: high-quality composite floor surface smooth, gorgeous color, natural, complete variety specifications, the opposite moisture-proof balance layer thickness; poor surface rough

Variety, specifications, single, negative moisture plastic bench ends 2x4 balance layer thin. Listen to: high-quality composite flooring and other hard objects with time, issued a crisp and bright metal sound, and no obvious scratches; low-quality composite floor, issued by the mute sound, and scratches obvious.

Touch: high-quality composite floor size thickness of the same, two pieces of floor splicing seamless, hand touch joints are very smooth; poor quality composite floor size varies, there are obvious gaps in the splicing, hand touch joints have composite material suppliers uk obvious sense of concavity. Wen: As the selection of materials and equipment is not the same, high-quality composite floor environmental pollution-free, rich natural wood flavor, low-quality composite floor what is the best brand for composite decking material fragrance is not obvious, and some even contain harmful chemical composition, emitting a pungent smell.

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