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Michelle Payne, one of racing’s most high-profile jockeys since she became the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup in November 2015, faces a ban from the saddle of about a month after testing positive for a banned substance while riding at Swan Hill in Victoria two weeks ago. Traces of phentermine, an appetite suppressant, were found in a urine sample taken Derek Stepan Authentic Jersey from the rider on 11 June, and she will face a disciplinary hearing into the finding on Thursday. Michelle Payne: ‘People doubt female riders. There’s more to it than strength’ Read more Reports in Australia suggest that Payne was prescribed the drug by her GP after undergoing surgery to save her pancreas following a serious fall in May last year. However, she is strictly liable for the presence of any prohibited substance in her system and should have been aware that phentermine is banned. Hugh Bowman, one of Australia’s top jockeys, was suspended for six weeks after testing positive for phentermine in 2003, while Damien Oliver, a three-time Melbourne Cup winner, was banned for four weeks in 2009 after testing positive for ephedrine, another appetite supressant, though the penalty was overturned on appeal. Payne rode at Royal Ascot for the first time last week aboard the 66-1 outsider Kaspersky, who finished fifth of the 16 runners in the Group One Queen Anne Stakes. She is also due to be one of the star attractions at the annual Shergar Cup at Ascot 12 August, as part of a three-strong team of female riders alongside Emma-Jayne Wilson, from Canada, and Josephine Gordon, who was Britain’s champion apprentice last season. A ban of six weeks or longer would rule her out of the event for the second year running, after she was forced to miss both Royal Ascot and the Shergar Cup in 2016 after her fall in May. Payne, 31, was only the fourth female jockey to compete in the Melbourne Cup in its 155-year history when she won the race aboard the 100-1 outsider Prince of Penzance. In an interview shortly afterwards, she described racing as “a chauvinistic sport”, thanked Prince Of Penzance’s owner for his faith in her, and added that “everyone else can get stuffed [who] think women aren’t good enough” to compete against men. Michelle Payne's Melbourne Cup win reveals chauvinistic side of Australian horse racing Read more It was a performance and victory speech that instantly turned Payne into one of the sport’s major stars, but her attempt to build on her Melbourne Cup success was interrupted by a serious injury in a fall at Mildura racecourse Jeff Skinner Womens Jersey a few months later. Her pancreas was effectively split in two, and surgeons saved the organ only by stitching the larger part to her stomach. Des O’Keefe, the chairman of the Australian Jockey Association, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website on Wednesday that Payne is “extremely disappointed” by the positive test. “It’s based on the fact that after that split pancreas last year, which was widely reported, her GP has in good faith prescribed her this as something that would assist her,” O’Keefe said. “Unfortunately [it is] Michelle’s onus to be aware of what she can and can’t take and that should’ve been provided to the doctor, who then may have come up with an alternative treatment that didn’t breach the rule once tested. Advertisement “I think it’s fair to say she’s extremely disappointed that this has occurred. She accepts full responsibility for having this substance, this appetite suppressant in her system.” Since August 2016, when she successfully applied for a trainer’s licence, Payne has been pursuing a dual career as both jockey and trainer, and took the reins when her first runner finished second in a race at Warrnambool in mid-October. So far, she has trained two winners from 33 runners, with her first success coming at Swan Hill in November. The story of Payne’s struggle for acceptance as a jockey and her historic success in the Melbourne Cup is also being turned into a film, with Australian actor Rachel Griffiths in the leading role
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Only 100 m2 of the floor is produced per day, at a price of about 458 yuan per square meter.The reporter also found out that before April 18th, these 2005 solid wood composite floor new products on the market will have a 8 discount.The six-weight antibacterial floor development has successfully found a floor with multiple antibacterial effects at the exhibition.

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hanks to the long overdue publication of the Garcia report into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, we now know that England’s efforts to secure the 2018 tournament amounted to “a form of bribery”. Obviously, the only thing less surprising than the fact that England break the rules is how bad they are at it. If an England bid team ever gets within 30 sniffs of actually winning a World Cup bid again, no effort should be spared in investigating how they do business. They are, in the words of pursed-lips grandmas, no better than they should be. For now, however, England remain as likely to win a World Cup bid as they do to win a World Cup, and we must turn our thoughts to more pressing questions raised by the report by Fifa’s then chief ethics investigator. Namely – and I don’t mean any disrespect to the emir and his accidental vagina stadium – is the Qatar World Cup a thought experiment? Tangled Garcia report into Russia and Qatar inspires laughs not outrage Barney Ronay Barney Ronay Read more It is, after all, to be set in a region where imagineers build ski resorts in the desert and raise hotel citadels from the ocean and whatnot. Given the sheer volume and variety of red flags now raised over Qatar 2022, surely we should at least entertain the possibility that the entire event and its buildup is a highly sophisticated real time simulation that is specifically designed to tease out the moral boundaries of any number of authorities from Fifa to our own Football Association? And you know … I don’t think we’re passing, here. I don’t think we’ve answered a lot of the questions in a manner pleasing to our notional moral philosophy professor. The Wil Myers Womens Jersey more we learn about the Qatar World Cup, the more we have to ask: what would it actually take? What would it actually take for Fifa and its president Gianni Infantino to say: it is possible we’ve dropped a bollock here? It is juuuuuust possible that the worst thing about a notional Qatar World Cup wasn’t the fact that the country is frequently more than 50 degrees in the summer and has as much genuine interest in football as your average Conservative sports minister. What would it take? Another straw that failed to break the camel’s back is this small, recent matter of the Saudi Arabia-led blockade More than we’ve seen so far, is the rough answer. I mean, we’ve had the slave deaths. It was OK with the slave deaths. Despite the evidence, Fifa never demanded the end of the kafala system, wherein the rights of the migrant labourers working on Qatar infrastructure projects were abused, denied and the subject of intensely critical reports from the likes of Amnesty and Human Rights Watch. This appears to have been a price Fifa was willing to pay. Not pay itself, obviously – they have some faceless, indentured help from the Philippines or Nepal or wherever to pay it for them. And we don’t know how many have paid in the construction of the stadiums and the concomitant infrastructure because of Qatar’s secrecy about the actual figures, or studied indifference to even cataloguing them. But clearly, the tournament’s still on. The deaths were not a dealbreaker. Advertisement Given that, it’s no surprise to find the conditions in the migrant labourer camps weren’t either. Another straw that failed to break the camel’s back is this small, recent matter of the Saudi Arabia-led economic and diplomatic blockade of Qatar. Several weeks in, this dispute is deepening. Indeed, there are some sporting bodies that would read reports containing phrases such as “stockpiling food”, “licensed funding of terrorism” and “looming prospect of destabilising regional conflict” and wonder whether those weren’t vague warning signs as to the wisdom of locating your football contest there. But these people simply don’t have what it takes to work at Fifa. There has been no meaningful comment on the gathering storm by Fifa – which is, I forgot to mention, sponsored by Qatar Airways (because no aspect of the modern sporting-industrial complex is considered a proper joke unless you’re really slapped round the head with it). What Fifa has done, instead of issue a statement saying it is seriously reviewing the location of its tournament, is issue a statement assuring people that construction is progressing rapidly on Qatar 2022 stadiums. Swings and roundabouts, isn’t it? Sure, there are rumblings of Middle Eastern war. On the plus side, though, the fanny stadium’s food court is on schedule. So as indicated, these minor issues are not going to upset the 2022 apple cart, much less the gravy train. And now we’ve finally seen the confidential Garcia report, three years after it was publicly “summarised” so controversially by Fifa’s ethics judge, Joachim Eckert, that it prompted Garcia’s resignation. Michael Garcia’s Fifa report eases Russia and Qatar World Cup fears Read more We have learned that a former ExCo member congratulated members of the Qatari federation, thanking them for their “support” immediately after Qatar was awarded the 2022 tournament. A month later €300,000 found its way into his bank account. Other lowlights? The $2m paid, by an adviser to the Qatar bid, into the savings account of a then Fifa ExCo member’s 10?year?old daughter. The three voting ExCo members private?jetted by the Qatari federation to a party in Rio. Money from the Aspire sports academy in Qatar being used to “curry favour” with voting Fifa members. On it goes. Garcia judged the Aspire actions “served to undermine the integrity of the bidding process”. Yet Eckert summarised that they “were not suited to compromise the integrity of the Fifa World Cup 2018 and 2022 bidding process”. To which the rational response is: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Compromise the what, sorry? The only bidding process with less integrity than any Fifa bidding process is the one between rival cartels for ownership of a rookie Mexican police officer. And yet Robin Yount Authentic Jersey Qatar 2022 sails on regardless. What could possibly be Fifa’s line in the sand? Where does the useless Infantino draw the line? Pestilence? Actual war? You’d hope we might be close to finding out – but on the form book, you shouldn’t hold your breath
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Aluminum Alloy profiles and wood compounded by mechanical method, two kinds of materials are connected by polymer nylon, fully take care of the properties of wood and metal contraction coefficient of different. Two kinds of wood materials selected by growth in the eastern region of the United States of red oak and Russian natural larch, after strict selection, as well as anti-corrosion, degreasing, flame retardant treatment, and the German high strength

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Arsenal have had an offer of €35m (£30.74m) turned down by Monaco for Thomas Lemar, with the French club adamant they will not sell the winger. Arsène Wenger is determined to reinvigorate Arsenal’s attacking options as he struggles to retain his star player, Alexis Sánchez, who is wanted by Manchester City among other clubs, and he has targeted Lemar as one possible solution. Free agents XI: the best out-of-contract bargains available this summer Read more Lemar, who has long been coveted by Tottenham, likes to play on the left flank – the position Sánchez has occupied most regularly at the Emirates Stadium. The 21-year-old is quick and skilful, and he enjoyed a stunning season last time out, when he helped Monaco to win the Ligue 1 title and reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. He is understood to be keen on working under Wenger, who managed Monaco towards the start of his career and retains a tremendous reputation in French football. But the Monaco vice-president, Vadim Vasilyev, who is fighting to keep a clutch of his stars, has told Arsenal they cannot have Lemar and that the stance is non-negotiable. Whether the Jamaal Williams Womens Jersey London club accept that remains to be seen. Lemar moved to Monaco from Caen in 2015 and is under contract until 2020. The club are happy to grant him new and improved terms. He has five France caps. Monaco have sold the attacking midfielder Bernardo Silva to Manchester City in a deal worth £43.6m, while the £40m-rated left-back Benjamin Mendy is also wanted by City and the midfielder Tiemoué Bakayoko is on the verge of joining Chelsea for around £40m. Wenger has been keen to do his transfer business early this summer and he has secured the left-back Sead Kolasinac on a free transfer from Schalke. He has overseen a £44m bid for the Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette, which was rejected. Ryan Sessegnon, the 17-year-old Fulham left-back and another player Arsenal have tracked extensively – together with every other top club in England – has signed his first professional contract, to 2020. Sessegnon feels that he owes a debt to Fulham, where he has progressed through the academy, and he will stay with them for the forthcoming Dwight Freeney Jersey season, at least. Advertisement Tottenham have also had a serious interest in Sessegnon and, as with many of their rivals, including the Manchester clubs, they had hoped that the player would opt against signing a professional deal at Fulham, which would, potentially, have allowed them to prise him away for compensation costs. That will now not happen. Fulham were adamant that Sessegnon was not for sale and they hope that he can be an integral part of a promotion push from the Championship. He is poised to link up with the England squad for the European Under-19 Championship in Georgia, after what was a breakthrough season for him. Sessegnon, who turned 17 in May, made 30 appearances in all competitions for Slavisa Jokanovic’s team, scoring seven goals. The former England international Scott Parker, who has been at Fulham since 2013, has announced his retirement
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The All Blacks have made two changes to their team for the second Test, both Authentic Cedric Ogbuehi Youth Jerseynecessary because of injuries sustained last weekend. But it does not mean Lions supporters will be sleeping any easier on Friday night. Waisake Naholo has come in on the right wing, so Israel Dagg can replace Ben Smith at full-back, and Anton Lienert?Brown has taken over from Ryan Crotty at outside centre. The uncapped Ngani Laumape, who played so well for the Hurricanes in their draw against the Lions on Tuesday, takes Lienert-Brown’s spot on the bench. Even though Smith and Crotty are out, the team does not look any weaker than the one that played last week. If anything, the backline now looks a little more dangerous. Lions’ Six Nations roots mean they cannot match the All Blacks’ verve Read more Lions supporters might do a double take when they read this but a lot of the locals here felt Steve Hansen had picked a fairly defensive New Zealand team for the first Test, with Dagg on the wing and Crotty at outside centre. Dagg was there because he is so good under the high ball, Crotty because he has a calm head and could control the midfield. Naholo and Lienert-Brown on the other hand, will both cause all kinds of mischief when they’ve got the ball in hand. Naholo, in particular, has scored nine tries in 10 games for the Highlanders this season and played wonderfully well for them when they beat the Lions a fortnight ago. It is not inconceivable that Hansen would have made one or other of these changes even if he had Crotty and Smith available. It is all part of the tactical battle between him and Warren Gatland. Hansen says a key reason the Lions lost last week is because “they wanted to have people on their feet to be able to have a defensive line rather than attack us at the breakdown”, so it “allowed to us to get the ball we needed to get by not putting numbers in”. He thinks this time around they will throw more men into the breakdown. Given the way the first Test turned out, they do not really have much choice. If Hansen is right, that will leave more spaces in the Lions’ line for the All Blacks to attack. Which is where Naholo and Lienert-Brown come in. With Naholo on one side and Rieko Ioane on the other, the All Blacks have a couple of the quickest players around out on the wings. Elliot Daly is fast. But Ioane left him in the dust last weekend. Naholo, on the other hand, would not be too far behind his team-mate. So this is a backline set-up to threaten the Lions out wide. The pack remains unchanged after their brilliant collective performance last week. Advertisement Laumape, a 24-year-old from Palmerston North, may be a rookie but he is the joint-leading try-scorer in Super Rugby this season, with 14 in 14 games, and also ranks high in the list for the most assists, with six. This is only his second season in Super Rugby, after a spell with the Warriors in the National Rugby League. His rapid rise to the All Blacks match 23 is another sign of New Zealand’s strength in depth. He was superb against the Lions on Tuesday, which is what convinced Hansen to pick him. “While it’s disappointing to lose both Ben Smith and Ryan Crotty, it creates an opportunity for others,” Hansen said. “Izzy is a world?class back three player, as is Anton in the midfield, and both Waisake and Ngani are coming into the Test side following outstanding performances against the Lions for their respective Super franchises.” Hansen has been busily repeating the message he has given over the past few days. Aside from all those barbed remarks about Warren Gatland, he’s been talking up the opposition and telling his own team they need to play better to win this time around. “While we were happy with the win last weekend, we know that it was just a start, in what is a three-Test series,” he said. “That means the job is far from done. It’s going to require us to take our game to a higher level. It’s going to be very demanding, physically and mentally, on both sides. “We’re aware the British & Irish Lions have their backs to the wall and will chuck everything at us to keep themselves alive in the series. They are a quality side who we respect immensely. In reality, last week’s Test could’ve gone either way had they taken more of their chances. Our job will be to make sure that we shut down their counterattack Paul Kariya Authentic Jerseybetter than we did last weekend and at the same time, win the critical moments across the 80 minutes. As always, it’ll start with the battle of the tight five
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Men's Premier Reebok Andrej Nestrasil Green Jersey - #15 NHL Carolina Hurricanes Salute To Service We have definitely been here before. Southampton’s Nathan Redmond joined the long list of England penalty shootout villains as Germany progressed to the final of the European Under-21 Championship after a thrilling encounter in which Aidy Boothroyd’s side were outplayed for large periods. That they survived an extra-time onslaught from opposition who appeared to possess superior fitness despite having two days fewer to prepare is a testament to the spirit of the side. But that will not make it any easier to bear after they suffered the same fate as the teams of Bobby Robson and Terry Venables at the 1990 World Cup and Euro 96. The shootout was in the balance when Yannick Gerhardt and Tammy Abraham both missed with the second spot-kicks. Lewis Baker, Ben Chilwell and James Ward‑Prowse all slotted home, yet it fell to Redmond, Authentic Anthony Rendon #6 Womens Jersey who arrived in Poland as England’s most experienced player in his third tournament, to become the fall guy as his tame penalty was saved by Julian Pollersbeck to send Germany through. “We are absolutely gutted,” said Boothroyd, who replaced Gareth Southgate in September after his promotion to the senior side. “It’s a mixture of being sick of losing on penalties after going so close, but also very pleased, that this is not just one game. A lot of hard work went into this tournament, a lot of players have given everything. “With all the practice we have done, their goalkeeper made two very good saves. We learned lots of lessons from the past, and worked on penalties, but the fatigue, the energy expended and the fact we fancied ourselves means we are very disappointed.” Pollersbeck, who revealed before the match he had not featured in a penalty shootout since his junior days, consulted scraps of paper stuffed down his socks in an attempt to outfox England’s players. Andrew Adams Womens Jersey The ploy worked as first Abraham and then Redmond appeared to be a bundle of nerves as they approached, with the Germany manager, Stefan Kuntz – England’s nemesis in the memorable Euro 96 semi-final at Wembley – admitting the goalkeeper had made specific plans for each taker. “He told us he was going to study the shooters and if he believes a shooter is very self-confident he will pick a side and if he doesn’t, he will concentrate on the ball,” Kuntz said. After the victory at the Under-20 World Cup in South Korea, this defeat was only the second England have endured in 21 matches at various youth levels this year, having suffered a similar fate in the Under-17 European Championship final against Spain last month. In truth, England were second best after Abraham had put them ahead early in the second half as they dropped deeper and deeper in an attempt to hang on to their lead. Having gone ahead in the first half through Davie Selke’s header before that was cancelled out by Demarai Gray, the substitute Felix Platte’s equaliser with 20 minutes to go took the game into extra time and there looked like being only one winner as Germany pressed forward.
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Lions have been here before, trying to recover the series after losing the first Test in New Zealand. The last time they did so successfully Brian Campbell Authentic Jersey was in 1993 when, after losing to a late, disputed penalty in the opening match, they went to Wellington needing to win to stay alive.

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It was the first time they had not played a four-Test series against the All Blacks (the 1908 tour was an Anglo-Welsh affair with Ireland and Scotland opting not to take part) and they had come from behind to win the three-match rubber against Australia four years before. The headline selection was made in the centre where Scott Gibbs, who had been unavailable for the first because of injury, replaced the then England captain Will Carling. Gibbs went to New Zealand as an outside-centre and returned as a 12, converted by Ian McGeechan, who was to do the same to Jamie Roberts in South Africa 16 years later. Lions’ ‘Geography Six’ have no regrets but confess to wanting more game time Read more The Lions played in Wellington, at the old Athletic Park, as if their careers depended on the result. The first two occasions Rob Andrew received the ball, he stuck it high in the air, inducing mistakes. The tourists’ pack swarmed the field, the set-pieces were mastered and the outcome was a 20-7 victory, in a match refereed by a Frenchman, that took the series to the final day at the end of a week when New Zealand’s media had ripped into the hosts. There has never been a bad All Blacks team. They have ranged from good to exceptional and in 1993 they were the former, recovering from a disappointing World Cup campaign in 1991 and yet to embrace the more open, flowing style being favoured by some of the leading provinces in New Zealand, most notably Otago, who beat the Lions 37-24, and Canterbury. By 1995, the national side had caught up. The scorn heaped on the Lions and their coaching staff in New Zealand for their playing style was not aimed at the All Blacks 24 years ago. Mocking up Warren Gatland as a clown, as one newspaper did this week having done so to Australia’s Michael Cheika last year, not only debases debate but ignores the constraints Gatland and his coaches are working under.

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Advertisement The first is that they are up against opponents who have been dominant this decade, losing rarely and often shredding defences into tiny pieces. The second is a schedule that works against a squad made up of players from four countries and the third, which is highlighted on a tour to New Zealand, is their relatively low skill level which is exposed under pressure. New Zealand’s style has evolved in the last 20 years through financial necessity in large part. Tickets take some selling in all three major southern hemisphere countries, but in Europe the Six Nations plays mainly to packed houses with most matches sold out well in advance. Tickets sell themselves, eliminating the need to market matches on style of play. This year’s Six Nations was typical in producing a number of close, hard-fought matches brimful of endeavour and muscularity. The overall risk factor was low, although Scotland counterattacked and England looked to produce quick ball, but suddenly players have to adapt in a country where even the weakest opponents on the tour, the Provincial Barbarians, had a firm grasp of the game’s rudiments and no little skill. In boxing, Europe would be seen as a slugger and New Zealand Muhammad Ali. Guardian Australia sport newsletter: subscribe by email Read more New Zealand rugby used to be known for its unsmiling nature and its tendency to find a way to win, such as Andy Haden’s dive in Cardiff in 1978. The first Test showed that the resort to width and risk has not come at the expense of the game’s basics: the All Blacks remain winners and will do whatever it takes but now when they are under pressure, they do not have to simulate ballet moves at a lineout but trust their ability and rely on the understanding of the players that turns the outrageous into the expected. Gatland has been sneered at in his homeland, but how was he meant to get his players to climb several rungs above the standard of the Six Nations? It is not down to him that prime try-scoring opportunities have been created in every match of the tour but only a small percentage turned into points. He, like Graham Henry before him, had taken only a couple of Wales training sessions when he wondered aloud at the wide disparity between talent and basic skills that was absent in New Zealand. The Lions have not lacked ambition this tour and they would be too strong for South Africa and Australia, but they are not equipped to play with the same verve and pizzazz of their opponents this summer. They have reflected the Six Nations, full-blooded but limited. England, whose head coach Eddie Jones recognises that winning the 2019 World Cup will mean finding a way of beating the All Blacks that goes far beyond landing the most penalties in a dour encounter, struggled under pressure in Dublin. Advertisement Wales and Ireland were the biggest disappointments in the Six Nations, the former uninspiring and devising various ways of squandering overlaps, the latter too risk averse despite their November victory over New Zealand. Perhaps the answers lie underneath: just as Otago and Canterbury nudged the All Blacks 24 years ago, so the Scarlets showed in winning the Pro 12 that flair and boldness have not abandoned the Welsh game while Leinster, led by emerging backs Garry Ringrose and Joey Carbery, played with a verve the national side did not reach for. It may be Authentic Bruce Carter Womens Jersey this weekend that the Lions prevail through fire and passion and bludgeon New Zealand into committing errors and conceding penalties, but why aim low? They have the forwards to generate prime set-piece possession and control the breakdown and outside backs with pace. Passing is an issue, but less so if Jonathan Sexton and Owen Farrell are together in the midfield. A two-tone approach of zap at forward and zip behind would better maximise scoring potential than trying to drag down the All Blacks, a side that only needs 10 minutes on top to win a match. It does not mean trying to replicate New Zealand, something that would involve overhauling the coaching of young players in the four home unions and putting skills before the gym, but making the most of what the Lions have. There is no one way to play the game: the best are able to do it every which way
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