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Water damage manifestations are complex and diverse, but under the same climatic conditions, the failure modes are similar. The analysis of the mechanism of water damage is mainly composed of adhesion - flaking theory, hydrostatic pressure and hydrodynamic pressure. It is generally believed that the adhesion - peeling theory is the main mechanism of water damage.Double Steel Roller - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery

Asphalt pavement construction period is short, the surface is smooth, easy maintenance and repair, is one of the main forms of the road. However, the phenomenon of early damage to the asphalt pavement is widespread, such as loose, pit, rut and so on. Although the early damage to the road is largely related to the overload and overload of the car, but in fact the water damage is also caused by the early destruction of asphalt pavement one of the main models, China from the south to the north, there have been due to water damage caused by high-speed High damage to the highway area. The time of emergence, and some less than one year after the completion of the opening or two years, only a few short months. Especially in southern China, the climate is warm and humid, precipitation is greater, water damage problem is more prominent. Therefore, the problem of water damage of asphalt pavement of expressway has become a hotspot.

Water damage to the form of expression, at present, the domestic scholars have the concept of water damage has a more clear and consistent understanding that water damage refers to the water asphalt pavement cracks, cracks into the road after the internal, in the freeze-thaw, vehicle tire dynamic load The water pressure gradually penetrates into the interface of asphalt and mineral material or the interior of the asphalt, so that the adhesion between the asphalt and the mineral material decreases and the adhesive capacity is gradually lost. The asphalt film gradually changes from Mineral material surface stripping, asphalt mixture dross, loose, resulting in asphalt pavement structure of the overall damage.

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wood can make people feel close to nature, but also feel cool and comfortable. Solid wood flooring five advantages: beautiful natural wood is a natural texture, its rings often give people feel a return to natural, this is artificial recover the original simplicity, in any case is not up to the floor. Solid wood flooring six advantages: natural fragrance exudes some precious wood natural wood fragrance, people seem to return to nature, so tired after relaxing, and some wood flavor also beneficial to human health. Seven

advantages: recycling of solid wood flooring solid wood flooring is a cycle and multiple use of wood, wood floors can be used, the renovation of the floor by re painted, continue to use. The shortcomings of solid wood flooring: solid wood flooring one of the shortcomings: the maintenance of solid wood flooring on the higher requirements of the pavement, once the pavement is not good, will cause a series of problems, such as a sound. If the indoor environment is too wet or dry, solid wood floors easy to arch,

warping or deformation. Even after the pavement often waxing and oiling, otherwise the floor surface gloss disappear soon. The defect of real wood floor two: stability of poor stability of solid wood flooring is relatively poor, so in order to enhance the stability of solid wood flooring in the use process, at the time of installation must hit keel, and some other floors can be installed directly, do not need to install keel. The defect of real wood floor three: high price of solid wood flooring has been maintained at a high price,

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gloves when operating, when used to install leakage protection switch. Secondly, according to the provisions of the proper use of nameplate, electric drill, found leakage phenomenon or the motor temperature is too high, the speed suddenly slow and sound, should immediately stop using and maintenance electrician. In the high-altitude operation, should the erection of scaffolding, the dangers of homework to hang up the safety belt, the work should pay attention to before and after, left and right operating conditions,

to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Finally, to drill, only the lever by hand or the way of jacking drill to shoulder or head, no way. The drill in rotationHome decoration engineering acceptance criteria, small series to introduce you to the fourteen acceptance criteria. When the mud woodworking acceptance to check the floor parquet floor flatness, stone direction, whether there are scratches etc.. The specific knowledge of the acceptance criteria of wood works. 1 to check whether the tiles need to mosaic or in the

same direction and paving. 2, check the flatness error, no hollowing, color etc.. Single brick Konggu not more than 20%, shall not exceed 5% of the total, not hollowing center. 3, the wall brick and the brick floor after 24 hours later, with "filler" or "white cement" wet paste filling. 4, the wall brick pointing in a cross joint and neat, uniform, no obvious seam uneven thickness. 5, yang angle of 45 degrees angle, whether straight, no collapse porcelain, seam anastomosis. 6, whether reserve tile drainage slope, smooth

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finger like staggered boards. Because the craft is different, this kind of board environmental protection function is superior, is the fine wood board promised to contain formaldehyde amount of 1/8. On the other hand, this kind of wood produced by the United States, such as spruce can be directly painted color, brush paint, to save a process than blockboard. Medium density board than the particle board to hold the nail force difference particleboard is natural wood broken into granular, after pressing into board, is

the main material of the cabinet. The medium density board is formed by pressing the powder sawdust, which has good flatness, but has poor moisture resistance. In contrast, MDF nail holding power worse than shaving board, screws tightened if loose, because the density plate strength is not high, it is very difficult to fix, so low. Facing three ply: easy and cheap multilayer board, also called the three plates and three layers of plywood, a different name, its quality mainly depends on raw materials. Now home

improvement is mainly used in the face of three plywood, that is, the factory has been very thin solid wood veneer affixed to the three plywood. Facing three ply is easy to use, the price is cheap. Experts remind: buy wood first to see whether environmental protection, according to regulations, the amount of formaldehyde release of indoor building materials must be less than or equal to 1.5 milligrams per liter, if more than 5 milligrams per liter for different scales. Secondly, we should look at the wood moisture

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The purpose of the chip cover is to increase the service life of the road. Pavement maintenance application of stone crust, in the field do not need to limit the asphalt mixing equipment, while the use of stone chip cover the road surface does not appear reflective cracks and micro cracks, to prevent the road further aging and flooding damage. In the United States, it is documented that at the grassroots level, the life of the pavement can be increased to more than 10 years. Fill the cracks and bridge repair, for emulsified asphalt, the addition of polymer to increase the cost of bonding materials (or even more than twice), but it can significantly extend the life of the road, the Australian institutions found that: Method to design and rebuild the rural road, can damage the more serious road life increased by 10 to 15 years. The reflection of cracks on the road for processing, but also can increase the service life of the road 5 to 8 years.Double Steel Roller - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery

The stone crust is a thin layer of high asphalt that covers the surface, but this layer is flexible and wear resistant. Addition of polymer can increase the adhesion, adhesion, wear resistance and road surface crack resistance. This allows the sebace cover to be used both for road maintenance and for road reconstruction, especially in road resistance. In addition, the use of SBR or SBS modification can be carried out road cover and bridge crack repair, it is particularly important to reduce the reflection cracks on the road. As the emulsion has excellent moisture resistance, chemical adhesion and emulsifier system and the maintenance of the road maintenance properties, so the emulsion is more suitable for road spread. According to the weather and traffic conditions, the road when the cloth requires better traffic control and better sealing conditions.

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With the development of industry, some areas of our country have become acid rain-prone areas, the external appearance of the building and the impact of life expectancy. It is reported that the patented finish product wood and lumber invention of the company's patented invention of a sun-resistant elastic external emulsion paint the weight percentage of each component, the resin, additives and other raw materials to improve the ratio.

Patented products can be plywood for sale kenya reduced due to acid rain, concrete wall cracking and other factors on the external walls of the building damage, very practical significance. Suitable for all kinds of building painting needs, at present, Jialishi exterior latex paint has been widely used in government buildings

commercial housing, residential, urban landmarks and other construction projects, beautify the city. As a high-end paint brand, Jialishi product line, including interior is there any decking that is waterproof and exterior latex paint, floor paint, real stone paint, fluorocarbon paint, wood paint, waterproof paint, Wan Nengjiao, covering the wall decoration materials, environmental products, Construction workers will not cause harm, but also to make the building, wood has long been new. The future, not stop the pace of innovation, research and development, production and sales of Outdoor Waterproof Floor - Shanghai Seven Trustmore environmentally friendly wall painting products and efforts.

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This paper describes in detail the application of emulsified asphalt pavement and development, exemplifies the production of the emulsion, the formula of the emulsion, the various spread of the emulsion and the application of the emulsion in the case. Emulsified asphalt, emulsified asphalt is a mixture of two immiscible substances - asphalt and water. The particle size of the emulsion is a relatively important parameter, because the particle size becomes more and more dispersed, the better the viscosity of the emulsion, the better the demulsification rate and the bonding properties. However, this also limits the asphalt content in the emulsion and can affect the curing speed. Under normal circumstances, it is found that VD has the best overall properties when the particle diameter is in the range of 1 to 5 μm. Road Sealing Machine - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery

The composition and chemical properties of asphalt are complex. With high polarity (polarizing) and higher aromatic asphalt, it is usually easier to emulsify. The use of additives can be used to improve the emulsification effect, in general, high penetration of the asphalt than the low penetration of the asphalt is easy to emulsify. The choice of chemicals in emulsified asphalt depends on the spread of the road. Both the anionic emulsifier and the cationic emulsifier are dependent on the long chain of the hydrocarbons of the salt, which may be the transgenic organisms of the synthetic fatty acids found in the oil A mixture of lignin in fatty acids or wood pulp. General emulsions are controlled by equipment and recipes. The use of a suitable emulsifier, the correct control of the emulsifier effect of the emulsion formula, to produce the need to meet the needs of the emulsion is essential.

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Biological concrete to build waterproof green building facade in the use of this bio-concrete construction of the building wall to grow moss and lichen. This bio-concrete has many advantages: both to absorb carbon dust bin supplier singapore dioxide, but also beautify the wall, but also improve the insulation of the building. Scientists use two kinds of cement as raw material to develop this new type of bio-concrete.

One material was developed using a common portland cement with a pH of about 8; another material was developed using magnesium phosphate cement without any treatment to reduce its pH because the material was weakly acidic. Magnesium phosphate cement how to build wood plastic composites house with quick-drying, will not pose any harm to the environment. The novelty of this bio-concrete is that it provides a natural biological barrier for micro-algae, fungi, lichens and mosses.

After applying for a patent for a new invention, the scientist's goal now is to accelerate the growth rate of the plant in this bio-concrete and shorten its growth period to a year so that the facade of natural timber substitute plastic fibre the building can show a different appearance.

In addition to pH, scientists have adjusted other properties of this bio-concrete, such as porosity and surface roughness. This bio-concrete has a multi-layer structure. The second layer is the biological layer, can collect rainwater for plant growth; the third layer is the cover layer, can let the rain through this layer into the bio-layer, and the first layer is Best Outdoor Patio Decking Product the waterproof layer, can prevent the infiltration of water into the building structure damage; Can prevent water loss.

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If the surface of the wood has not been properly cleaned prior to pressure washing, the live spores are deeply pressed into the wood, causing the wood to decay. High pressure cleaning machine, improper use can cause dangerous wood crushing fragmentation, uneven wear, a layer of scale on the top, small wood flakes. Only the qualified contractor can operate the equipment. This means that it is your chance to tell them the best way to take care of their decks and why you are the best one to do. Tell your customers that your unique cleaning process safely removes dirt, mold and algae, leaving the wood clean and ready for maximum penetration and performance of the coating.

Let them know that you use the decomposition of the brightening agent and cleaning agent, specially formulated not to kill their plants or discoloration, lawn and through various means to ensure the recovery of incredible results, if you have a deck is worth. Customers must know that they must seal their decks so that it lasts for several years, not just a season. Show them by making a sample of how you will clean, seal and maintain their decks so that it will remain protected over the years and make sure they understand your price to ensure the best value of your competition. In addition to the deck, to provide such a service cleaning fence, pavilion, concrete, sidewalks, driveways and vinyl siding on the family.

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determine the specifications according to the elevation of the building: the whole plate, transverse slat, vertical plate. 6 the size of the whole board: board height of a layer, the width is generally below 4.5m. Transverse slats: plate into upper and lower two layers high distance between window width, generally below 6.0m. The bar board: a board for a high storey, the width is about two the distance between the windows. Insulation composite board: thick 180 ~ 220mm; veneer: thick from 60 to 160mm. 7 weight

insulation composite board (thickness of 140 ~ 220mm) weight of about ~ 350kg/m2; veneer (thick ~ ~ 80mm) weight of about 140 ~ 200kg/m2, veneer (thick ~ 160mm) weight of about 250 ~ 400kg/m2. 8 bar plate plate (brick)? 9 installation and connection? Connecting decorative concrete plug-in board and the main structure should be used to pull the flexible connection node branch. At present, the flexible joint is mainly composed of elastic slip joint and elastic plastic deformation joint. The size of the

interface between the board and the main structure of the distance from 30 to 50mm, the interface between the board and the board size is from 15 to 25mm. Slab waterproof sealant for building exterior finishes: according to the selection of building sealants accordingly, its performance should be required to comply with national or industry standards. Supporting (attached) precast external board manufacturers in product design, construction units to provide the main structure of embedded parts and connections

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