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Polymer cement waterproof coating on the overall and other waterproof coating application is not too different, mainly for the base surface has a better ability to adapt. Polymer cement waterproof coating at construction time. There is no requirement how to install faux panel to outdoor deck ethiopia for the degree of drying of the surface of the self-adhesive polymer waterproofing membrane, no clear water can be, and other polymer waterproof coating a boat are required to dry the base surface, and this is very important in the construction application of.

Under normal circumstances, the basic situation of the construction site is difficult to achieve floating floor and external doors waterproof the ideal state of construction, the construction of the base surface is generally concrete or mortar, the new base surface - like a high water jelly, alkalinity is also great, so these cases The actual film coating has a great impact.

In order to achieve the desired effect of construction. Construction or increase the cost of base treatment. Or need to wait for the new base surface moisture content reduction after wooden pool deck texture the construction, which is bound to delay the duration, and ultimately affect the construction costs.

Polymer cement waterproof coating because of its own cement, so the base surface even with a high alkalinity, does not affect its film, when the construction site base wet, the polymer cement waterproof coating can also use cement and water Hydration reaction to eliminate the adverse effects of high surface moisture content. Simultaneously. As the cement into the waterproof coating composition, so the polymer cement waterproof coating has a good temperature difference Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust deformation properties, that is, the temperature changes, the deformation of the coating is also very small, so as to avoid the waterproof layer itself shrink Deformation caused by stress damage.

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This paper introduces the application technology of old asphalt pavement material in highway maintenance project. It briefly summarizes the construction technology, material requirements and existing problems of the old asphalt pavement material recycling technology. Key words: old asphalt; pavement material; construction technology; material requirements; problem highway construction is development, conservation is development. At present, I section of the road network as a whole service function is poor, a large number of oil pipeline design standards are low, extended service, serious road surface aging and other issues. But my section of the road maintenance funds are insufficient, the past few years my section in the road maintenance and maintenance works in the old asphalt pavement material to try the recycling, practice has proved that the old asphalt pavement material recycling in road maintenance is fully applicable, and for effective The use of resources, reduce environmental pollution, saving engineering costs and so has obvious economic and social benefits.Road Repair Machines

Asphalt is a complex polymer compound, asphalt aging is essentially its chemical composition changes, aromatic fragrance reduced, asphaltene increased, decreased adhesion, the three major indicators in the penetration rate was significantly reduced, softening Point increased, the degree of decline, resulting in asphalt pavement aging, the old mineral material is still intact. If the old asphalt pavement material in the old asphalt to re-active, with the original road performance, you can use the old asphalt pavement material paved into a good recycled asphalt pavement.

In the old asphalt (residue) pavement material mixed with a certain percentage of the old asphalt regeneration reactors or new materials, after heat treatment and chemical modification, the return to the new asphalt pavement material properties, re-paved asphalt pavement , Known as recycled asphalt (residue) pavement, referred to as recycled asphalt pavement, recycled asphalt pavement for existing road asphalt pavement renovation project, large and medium repair works and minor maintenance works. Recycled asphalt pavement of the roadbed strength, compaction and other grassroots quality requirements should be consistent with the Ministry of Transportation "highway subgrade construction technical specifications" requirement. Recycled asphalt pavement is a flexible road surface area, the specific grass-roots design, reinforcement design and surface design, should be consistent with the Ministry of Transportation, "Highway flexible pavement design specifications" requirement.

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In order to make real-time control of the asphalt mixture production process, it is timely to find out whether the production parameters are in accordance with the proportion design. The asphalt concrete mixing equipment must be equipped with a connected weighing data acquisition system and a device for printing data. Of the inspection and statistics. Before the start of mixing, set the production rate of each mix of asphalt mixture, each hot silo, powder and asphalt and other standard mix ratio, set the construction temperature, mixing process through the sensor computer The data of each mix of a mixture of materials, by the computer automatically process or print the data to carry out the quality of asphalt mixture monitoring. At present, the dynamic management of asphalt concrete mixing equipment is mainly for the dynamic management of asphalt mixture mixing process, mainly through the mixing process to collect a variety of weight data for statistical analysis on behalf of the agitation process statistical probability characteristics, and then These statistical results are shown in the form of graphs. Operators and supervisors also judge whether the asphalt mixture meets the requirements through the change of these probabilistic statistical characteristics. This requires better monitoring of the on-site monitoring and remote monitoring. first class quality of road maintenance equipment driveway coating products asphaltic emulsion fog seal coat cutting equipment new design
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mm x 150 mm x 15 mm and 800 mm x 20 mm x 15 mm. 3, to strengthen the wooden floor of this kind of floor for imported products, is made of medium and high density fiberboard substrate and three oxidation of aluminum coating layer of the composite floor of two. The specification of this floor is more uniform, generally 1200 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm, also has a thickness of 7 mm product. The use of such a wide range of floor, many varieties, but also with a hard texture, non deformation, fire, wear, dimensionalMulti

layer solid wood flooring is a multi staggered processing of the floor, it has what brand, what is the purchase skills? Xiaobian to introduce you to the house. A multi-layer solid wood flooring ten brands ranked multi-layer solid wood flooring ten brand ranking: 1, power Dekor Group Co. Ltd, the ten floor flooring brands, ten brands, 500 Asian brands, A Well-Known Trademark in China, China brand, Chinese 500 most valuable brand, the leading brand flooring industry, the most Chinese with visibility, reputation and

loyalty of the Home Furnishing brand building materials, is committed to production all kinds of floor Yu Yanfa. Multilayer solid wood flooring ten brands ranked 2, Baroque living home wood (Zhongshan) Co. Ltd., multi-layer solid wood flooring ten brands, China well-known (famous) wood flooring brand, the 500 most valuable brands, Guangdong famous brand, one of the most influential brands China, China Building Decoration Association, one of the largest China antique flooring production enterprises.

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10 oak: hard material, rough structure, high strength. Has the advantages of good coloring and finishing, easy to dry. The disadvantage is the difficulty of processing, poor adhesion, easy cracking. 11: camphor camphor wood furniture material of moderate weight, fine structure, aroma. Has the advantages of easy deformation during drying, processing, finishing well cementing. 12 willow: material is moderate, slightly rough structure. Has the advantages of easy processing, adhesive and coating with good

performance. The disadvantage is that when dry slightly cracking and warping. The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring materials will introduce twelve kinds of above, want to learn more knowledge of floor materials, please pay attention to house decoration.Three layer solid wood flooring, is the choice of the health of species, more than 100 years of natural wood texture, tiancheng. Cut along different directions in the same tree logs, according to the recent round of center * dense texture, texture

closely, and near the edges of the material texture, gradually thinning also tends to ease the principle, get a completely different pattern, color and material of the wood, and then a combination of intelligence. It focuses on the wood floor atmosphere, comfortable, Juegan good, warm in winter and cool in summer and floor beautiful.hardwearing etc., is a trend of the future development of the floor. The 1 floor straight yaogan three wood flooring is structurally divided into surface and core, the bottom surface

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The first option is what deck will be made of. Generally there are two different options: wood or composite materials. Wood is the most traditional and frequently used option. It is timeless, classic, and we will always see a wooden porch and a central home connected to their deck. However, the composite is also a very viable option. It offers some of the benefits that wood cannot provide. It is water and termite resistant, so there is no need to worry about the integrity of the structure of the rain or hate the destruction of small animals.

There's no need to worry about annoying pieces if someone wants to walk. It is time to pick up all the accessories after the material has been selected. Due to the local building codes, most owners will have to include railings in their deck design. However, this is not negative, but positive. Because of this, so many different options become open to allow homeowners to play a role in style. Column, railing, column cap, and other accessories can be selected items is a very interesting aspect. Many companies are able to create a unique deck design, suitable for the owner's personality. They follow all the steps that are not in the planning process, to help owners create a space of their own, to meet their entertainment needs.

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Water damage manifestations are complex and diverse, but under the same climatic conditions, the failure modes are similar. The analysis of the mechanism of water damage is mainly composed of adhesion - flaking theory, hydrostatic pressure and hydrodynamic pressure. It is generally believed that the adhesion - peeling theory is the main mechanism of water damage.Double Steel Roller - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery

Asphalt pavement construction period is short, the surface is smooth, easy maintenance and repair, is one of the main forms of the road. However, the phenomenon of early damage to the asphalt pavement is widespread, such as loose, pit, rut and so on. Although the early damage to the road is largely related to the overload and overload of the car, but in fact the water damage is also caused by the early destruction of asphalt pavement one of the main models, China from the south to the north, there have been due to water damage caused by high-speed High damage to the highway area. The time of emergence, and some less than one year after the completion of the opening or two years, only a few short months. Especially in southern China, the climate is warm and humid, precipitation is greater, water damage problem is more prominent. Therefore, the problem of water damage of asphalt pavement of expressway has become a hotspot.

Water damage to the form of expression, at present, the domestic scholars have the concept of water damage has a more clear and consistent understanding that water damage refers to the water asphalt pavement cracks, cracks into the road after the internal, in the freeze-thaw, vehicle tire dynamic load The water pressure gradually penetrates into the interface of asphalt and mineral material or the interior of the asphalt, so that the adhesion between the asphalt and the mineral material decreases and the adhesive capacity is gradually lost. The asphalt film gradually changes from Mineral material surface stripping, asphalt mixture dross, loose, resulting in asphalt pavement structure of the overall damage.

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wood can make people feel close to nature, but also feel cool and comfortable. Solid wood flooring five advantages: beautiful natural wood is a natural texture, its rings often give people feel a return to natural, this is artificial recover the original simplicity, in any case is not up to the floor. Solid wood flooring six advantages: natural fragrance exudes some precious wood natural wood fragrance, people seem to return to nature, so tired after relaxing, and some wood flavor also beneficial to human health. Seven

advantages: recycling of solid wood flooring solid wood flooring is a cycle and multiple use of wood, wood floors can be used, the renovation of the floor by re painted, continue to use. The shortcomings of solid wood flooring: solid wood flooring one of the shortcomings: the maintenance of solid wood flooring on the higher requirements of the pavement, once the pavement is not good, will cause a series of problems, such as a sound. If the indoor environment is too wet or dry, solid wood floors easy to arch,

warping or deformation. Even after the pavement often waxing and oiling, otherwise the floor surface gloss disappear soon. The defect of real wood floor two: stability of poor stability of solid wood flooring is relatively poor, so in order to enhance the stability of solid wood flooring in the use process, at the time of installation must hit keel, and some other floors can be installed directly, do not need to install keel. The defect of real wood floor three: high price of solid wood flooring has been maintained at a high price,

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gloves when operating, when used to install leakage protection switch. Secondly, according to the provisions of the proper use of nameplate, electric drill, found leakage phenomenon or the motor temperature is too high, the speed suddenly slow and sound, should immediately stop using and maintenance electrician. In the high-altitude operation, should the erection of scaffolding, the dangers of homework to hang up the safety belt, the work should pay attention to before and after, left and right operating conditions,

to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Finally, to drill, only the lever by hand or the way of jacking drill to shoulder or head, no way. The drill in rotationHome decoration engineering acceptance criteria, small series to introduce you to the fourteen acceptance criteria. When the mud woodworking acceptance to check the floor parquet floor flatness, stone direction, whether there are scratches etc.. The specific knowledge of the acceptance criteria of wood works. 1 to check whether the tiles need to mosaic or in the

same direction and paving. 2, check the flatness error, no hollowing, color etc.. Single brick Konggu not more than 20%, shall not exceed 5% of the total, not hollowing center. 3, the wall brick and the brick floor after 24 hours later, with "filler" or "white cement" wet paste filling. 4, the wall brick pointing in a cross joint and neat, uniform, no obvious seam uneven thickness. 5, yang angle of 45 degrees angle, whether straight, no collapse porcelain, seam anastomosis. 6, whether reserve tile drainage slope, smooth

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finger like staggered boards. Because the craft is different, this kind of board environmental protection function is superior, is the fine wood board promised to contain formaldehyde amount of 1/8. On the other hand, this kind of wood produced by the United States, such as spruce can be directly painted color, brush paint, to save a process than blockboard. Medium density board than the particle board to hold the nail force difference particleboard is natural wood broken into granular, after pressing into board, is

the main material of the cabinet. The medium density board is formed by pressing the powder sawdust, which has good flatness, but has poor moisture resistance. In contrast, MDF nail holding power worse than shaving board, screws tightened if loose, because the density plate strength is not high, it is very difficult to fix, so low. Facing three ply: easy and cheap multilayer board, also called the three plates and three layers of plywood, a different name, its quality mainly depends on raw materials. Now home

improvement is mainly used in the face of three plywood, that is, the factory has been very thin solid wood veneer affixed to the three plywood. Facing three ply is easy to use, the price is cheap. Experts remind: buy wood first to see whether environmental protection, according to regulations, the amount of formaldehyde release of indoor building materials must be less than or equal to 1.5 milligrams per liter, if more than 5 milligrams per liter for different scales. Secondly, we should look at the wood moisture

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