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With the football season nearing its end, thoughts are turning towards 2017/18.

For some, this is an excuse to start getting excited about Fifa 18 - even though its release date is over five months away.fifa 18 ultimate team coins But just because the launch of the latest instalment of the game is nearly half a year off, that's not to say Fifa enthusiasts have to wait this long before playing it. EA, the game's makers, are preparing for their annual EA Play event which will take place in Los Angeles in June. As was the case last year, the latest Fifa is expected to make an appearance there. But we're not saying that Fifa players have to go the extremes of booking flights to LA just to be able to play the new game... Although details are yet to be confirmed, EA will be giving Fifa fans access to content from EA Play online and, according to DreamTeam, this includes 'detailed gameplay deep dives'. Article Tag: FIFA 18, FIFA 18 Coins, FUT 18 Coins Article From: Contact:
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